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Blanche Blanche is the new black!

Finding a name? Simple! (hahaha!!!)

Sometimes you find a name, and it sounds simply perfect…. but just for 2 sec! It is a time of intensive doubt, an emotional roller coaster, complicated, subjective and it divides everybody around you. But at the end of the day, the name you choose might not be liked by everyone, and that is fine, really. We want a name to stand up for something, the name has to resonate with what the project means for you…

Before you can understand why Blanche Blanche was chosen, you need a quick French lesson! You probably know that Blanche means white in French? So it is a color, but it is also a classical, slightly old-fashioned woman’s name; have you ever heard about Blanche de Castille? a famous Queen of France, niece of Richard The Lionheart.

Now you have it, let’s look into why Blanche Blanche…


From sewing as a duty to sewing as a cherished hobby

The first contact I had with sewing was looking at my grand-mother, in her small village in Normandy. Like most women of her time, she had an old mechanical Singer sewing machine… “Mamie Blanche” used to sew, mend and of course to knit! It was not really a choice for her, but as the home keeper, these tasks were part of her duties…

So maybe it is the reason why she never encouraged my sister or me to sew… She may have been happy to see us follow our own path in life, away from sewing. Anyway, many years later, being pregnant and bored I bought a sewing machine, and fell in love: that day, I discovered how magical, exciting, challenging and rewarding it was to sew clothes for your family and yourself.


Blanche for a lighter impact on our planet

Sewing your own clothes has such a better (lower!) impact on Earth than buying fashion industry products. So being part of a cleaner developing trend is another meaning I can see in Blanche Blanche’s name. Even if I am not 100% out of it (I must confess), I do reject the model of mass production, mass consumption, fast fashion industry, the idea of quick and cheap that fuels misery on one side of the world and vanity on the other.

Sewing takes time, this time is beautiful and has a profound value. Value of less but better.


Blanche also makes me think of the excitement of facing a white canvas

Do you feel the flatter and excitement in your heart and your head, your ideas appearing as fast as light speed when you are facing your white page? This unique moment when you start to think about your next sewing project?

At Blanche Blanche, we cherish this highly creative moment, and all the possibilities that span ahead… this pattern with this fabric, in such version or hack etc…

Endless possibilites, infinite creations!



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