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Wedding Party – the best sewing patterns to sew your ceremony outfit!!

A wedding is the moment to gather with people you love, and, at the same time, a place to meet perfect strangers! At a wedding – or another ceremony, you are given the privilege to do a deep dive into the new husband & wife intimacy: you meet their family, their friends and you experiment their choices for the wedding place, the layout and decoration, the menu, etc…

Sewing its own outfit for a wedding, is a true delight… You can sew the princess dress you have been dreaming of for so long, and wear it (or show it off!!) in a beautiful occasion. The benefits of sewing it, is that you can choose the fabric you love, the pattern you want, and do any needed adjustments for a perfect fit. And of course, sewing for a wedding i s a way to coordinate the bridesmaid outfit!

Last but not least: sewing your wedding party outfit does not require to be planned 6 months ahead! A few hours only are needed.

So, here comes our selection of some lovely PDF patterns to sew a beautiful wedding party outfit!

Woman sewing patterns for a wedding/ceremony

Backless dress sewing patterns

Skater dress style sewing patterns

Other beautiful dress sewing patterns that are perfect for a wedding party

Formal jumpsuits sewing patterns for a wedding party

Perfect tops and bottom sewing patterns to shine bright

Jackets sewing patterns to cover you

Kids sewing pattern for a ceremony

Men sewing patterns for a wedding party

Don’t forget that sewing is magic, so you can use many others PDF sewing patterns from Blanche Blanche to turn them into your perfect wedding party outfit. To go to the shop it’s here!

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