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Claudine / Peter Pan and bow collars sewing patterns

Your blouse, dress or shirt ‘s collar is a little detail that makes it all! It enhances your head carriage, highlights your neckline and allows you to be creative in terms of details (playing with contrasts of colors and/or of fabrics) or, on the other hand to keep it very clean. There are many sorts of collars, so we will split the topic in pieces (a bit like Netflix). This first part will deal about the Claudine or Peter Pan collar , as well as the bow collar. Enjoy 😉

But, but, but yes there is a but : collars are scary for the sewist. It might seem complicated and a bit too technical for many of us. Well, sometimes it is a fair and true reality, but not always, so we will add up a indication of where is the challenging/technical part for each type so you know in what you are about to deal with…

Claudine / Peter Pan collars sewing patterns

The Claudine / Peter Pan collar is the very classical one that gives you instantly this very polite, and well-behaved effect. It is great to play with styles contrasts and calm down another element of your look. It is very cool as well layered with a jumper, pimping it with a sophisticated detail.

Difficulty level of the Claudine / Peter Pan collar : it is quite easy to sew as it does not have any collar stand. However, be careful when sewing its curve : follow very precisely the curve line when sewing, notch and cut well  the excess of fabric to it is nicely flat, and be carefull that  your two collar curves are perfectly symetric.

Our favorite Claudine / Peter Pan collar sewing patterns :

Kids sewing patterns for Claudine / Peter Pan collars

As yes, this type of collar is initially coming from kids fashion!

Bow collars sewing patterns

The bow collar is at the top of feminine chic. A collar that turns into a nice bow on your chest. It can be centered and put on the side, or even in the back. You can tie it or let it loose. You choose!!!

Difficulty level of the bow collar : this one is probably one of the easiest collar type to sew. You have, in general, only two stripes of fabric to sew together, and then to sew to the body. Easy, and sassy!!

Our favorite bow collar sewing patterns

Bow collars for girls :

Ok, so inspired by this collar review? Did it help you to better understand? Did it inspire you? Tell it all 🙂

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