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Please note that the following translation in English is explanatory only to help non-French speaking persons understand the broad meaning of our terms and conditions of sale. In case of a legal dispute, only the French version is valid. French law also applies in any case.


Article 1 : Object and generalities 

Present terms and conditions of sale qualify rights and obligations of parties in the context of on-line selling products on the website : , part of  Blanche Blanche SAS (SIREN 844 959 189, registered at Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Thonon, France).

Any order on requires the creation of a personal account and the commitment by the customer to the present terms and conditions of sale.

The present terms and conditions of sale apply to any product sale done on  Blanche Blanche SAS reserves its right to modify these, at any moment via the publication of a new version on the website, . The terms and conditions of sale that apply are those on line at the payment date.

These terms and conditions of sale are available on the following link : .

Blanche Blanche SAS ensures that their acceptance is clear, and with no reserve, by setting up a ticking box and a validation click during the order process by the customer. The customer declares he has read the full terms and conditions of sale, and that he does accept them with no restriction, or reserve. The customer recognizes that he has benefited of all needed information in order to ensure the offer fulfills his needs. The customer declares he has all rights to conclude legally within the French laws. Except if proven differently, information registered by Blanche Blanche SAS is the proof of all the transactions.


Article 2 : Products and services

Blanche Blanche SAS sells on its website PDF sewing patterns that are downloadable (digital), as well as all-in sewing kits “Blanche x Box”. The specifications of goods, services and the according prices are available for the customer on Products proposed for sale on are described and displayed with the highest level of attention. However, if some mistakes or omissions occur, responsibility of Blanche Blanche SAS would not be engaged.  Pictures and texts for products descriptions that are displayed on the website are as accurate as possible but are in no means contractual.

PDF sewing patterns sold on Blanche Blanche are digital products, and accessible via download. Their conception has required an important work of creation, and they are thus protected in France by the intellectual property regulation, and abroad by the international conventions on authors rights.

This contractual information is displayed in detail and in French and English. As per French law, they are visible through a summary when validating the order. Except if specific conditions, the rights of this terms and conditions of sale are only given to the ordering person (or the person owning the email address of the order).


Article 3 : Price

Prices for products sold through are mentioned in Euros and include all French taxes. They are clearly mentioned on products description pages and on the order page (cart). Prices exclude potential shipping costs. Blanche Blanche SAS reserves the possibility to modify prices at any time for the future. Connection costs to access the website, or bank currency change fees to pay to in Euros are fully at the customer’s charge.


Article 4 : Order

The customer ordering a product on will follow this process: i) selection of product(s) by clicking on « buy » on the product page, ii) he will be able at any time to visualize his shopping cart by clicking on « cart » and then either to resume shopping or to validate the order, iii) the customer will have to accept the present terms and conditions of sale by clicking on « I have read and agree with the website terms and conditions of sale », iv) after checking all elements of his order (and having made corrections when needed), the customer will validate it by clicking on “Place Order”, v) he will then follow instructions for payment of his order.

The customer will receive an order confirmation via e-mail after the payment. In this email, he will have the links to download the PDF sewing patterns he has purchased and paid for. This links will also be available in the “My Patterns” page within his account on The customer can download the product he has bought and paid for, for a maximum of 3 times. If there is any issue during this process, he can contact the customer service via the contact form on the website, and send an email to: [email protected]

In order to execute properly the order, and in accordance with the article 1316-1 of French civil code, the customer commits to provide with true identification information.

Blanche Blanche SAS reserves the possibility to refuse the order, in case the demand is abnormal, or made with bad faith, or for any other legitimate reason (previous or existing conflict, previous unpaid order, etc…).


Article 5 : Shipping process

Any order submitted on (Blanche Blanche SAS) will be immediately confirmed by an e-mail to the customer, displaying all order details and the acknowledgment of receipt and the links to download the PDF sewing patterns. As soon as the payment is validated by the bank, the order is processed within 2 to 5 working days for the sewing kits, after what the customer receives an email specifying his order has been shipped and the Track & Trace reference.

Specifically for the physical products sold on (sewing kits) : Products are sent to the delivery address given during the order process. Orders are shipped within 2 to 5 working days after the order is placed. In case there is an occasional / unusual delay to process the order, an e-mail will be sent to inform the customer.

Shipping time are given for information purposes only, starting from the day after the shipment is made. Blanche Blanche accepts no responsibility in case of longer shipping time due to transportation companies and organization, or in case of loss or damage of the product during the shipping. In this case, the customer will have to address his claim directly to the transportation company / organization within 3 days after delivery.

Delivery timings & prices :

Zone 1 : continental France (incl. Corsica & Monaco), Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark (excl. Groenland), Spain (excl. Canary Islands), Italy (excl. Vatican), United-Kingdom (excl. Channel islands), Sweden.

For this zone 1, delivery & shipping is free of charge! Delivery time depends by country, about 2 to 3 days for zone 1 .

Zone 2 : Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovinia, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Faroe, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece Groenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Kosovo, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Roumania, Portugal (inc. Madère & Açores), San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican

Price 5 €. Delivery time depends by country, about 3 to 10 days for zone 2.

Rest of world (Zone 3) : 10 € (excl. tolls). Delivery time depends by country (assume about 1 week for USA , Canada, Singapore & Australia and 2 weeks for China as examples).

Damaged parcel : we ask you to refuse the receipt of damaged parcel (damaged package or open parcel). Parcel sent from Blanche Blanche are always in perfect conditions, and have to be delivered as such.

Custom duties : Some orders placed on might be subject to custom duties that are mandatory for the parcel to be delivered. These custom duties and any additional taxes linked to the delivery are fully under the responsibility of the customer who will support all the cost for it.  Blanche Blanche SAS is not bound to check and inform its customers about custom duties. Customer has to inquire the competent authorities for that in his country.

Article 6 : Payment

The payment is due at the order placement, even in case of pre-order. The customer can pay with a bank payment card (all other payment methods, such as checks or wire transfer, are thus not accepted).

The bank credit card payment is outsourced to the Stripe Company. Entering the payment card number, its expiry date and its cryptogram is done on a highly secured page directly on Stripe. Blanche Blanche SAS, via its website does not collect and store any bank card number. Payment management at Stripe is certified to be compliant with standards PCI/DSS by Visa and Mastercard. This certification spells out the correct application of high-safety rules, in order to protect the bank cards data of the customers.  The debit from the customer card bank account will be made in Euros, when Stripe accepts the payment. As soon as the payment is accepted, the product is available within 48H (but most of the cases right away) to download.

As per the L. 132-2 article from the monetary and financial Code, the commitment to pay given by bank payment card is irrevocable. By inputting and giving his bank payment card data during the order process, the customer authorizes the seller to charge the bank payment card with the amount of the order. The customer confirms he is the legal owner of the specified bank payment card and that he has full rights to use it. In case of mistake, or if the card cannot be debited, the sale and the order is completely cancelled.


Article 7 : Consentement

The contentment is made when the customer has confirmed his order. Any order placed on the website by the customer, and confirmed by the seller by an e-mail will prove the customer has accepted the present terms and conditions of sale. Emails and automated recorded data by the website system of will prove the nature and date of the order.


Article 8 : Withdrawal and refund

For PDF sewing patterns: In accordance with the legal provisions in force, downloadable products cannot be subjected to any withdrawal and refund. Given the nature of the products, and the impossibility by the customer to guaranty the full return or full deletion of the products he bought and downloaded on his system, the customer agrees to waive his rights of withdrawal when he downloads these products.

For material products as the Sewing kits sold on as  per the article L. 121-20 of the French Code de la consommation, « the consumer has 14 days, starting from the delivery day to execute a withdrawal without to justify for it, or pay penalties, except return shipping costs». Withdrawal can be made by contacting Blanche Blanche SAS via an email to [email protected], asking for refund. In case of refund for a withdrawal executed within the 14 days, Blanche Blanche will refund the price of the returned products, with the exception of the PDF sewing pattern (which, as an immaterial product, cannot be refund) and the return shipping costs. Returns must be done with products in good condition, and in their packaging, so they can be put back on retail.  Once the returned product has been received by Blanche Blanche, a refund will be made to the customer on the bank account used for the purchase.


Article 9 : Claims

If needed, the customer can submit a claim by contacting Blanche Blanche SAS via email : [email protected].


Article 10 : Intellectual property rights

Products, brands, visuals as well as their contents, which are sold on, are all protected by authors rights. They are and stay the exclusive property of their author. There is no transfer of the intellectual property rights within these general terms and conditions of sale. Any full or partial reproduction, modification or usage of these goods for any motivation is strictly prohibited.

By buying a product on, the customer acknowledges that he will use it only for personal use. Commercial usage (such as selling the products, or products like clothes made from them),  sharing, reproduction or circulation of the products, be it free of charge or for profit, be it for commercial or private use, material or online, is strictly forbidden.

There are links to other websites than, on But Blanche Blanche SAS is not liable for any of them, in particular if such websites infringe laws and regulations.


Article 11 : Responsibility

The customer is the sole responsible for the choice of products he orders, being given all needed information about the product specifications. Given any provisions of ordinary law, Blanche Blanche SAS shall not be liable for the quality of the product content or service offered on its online e-shop. The customer is responsible to ensure he has all technical tools (software, printer, etc…) to access the product or service.

Once the purchase process is done, the customer is responsible for the files he has downloaded, and shall not ask for free replacement in case he deletes, loses or modifies them. He can only download these files 3 times.

Blanche Blanche SAS commits to deliver a customer help when needed within obligation of means. The responsibility of Blanche Blanche SAS shall not be engaged for any damage caused by the usage of the internet network such as data loss, invasion, virus, service breakage, etc…

The responsibility of Blanche Blanche SAS shall not be engaged for any direct, indirect or financial damages, or any other damages resulting from the usage or impossibility  of usage of a product or service by the customer; Blanche Blanche SAS will not be liable for any foreseeable or not financial loss, profit loss, brand image damage claimed by the customer.

In any cases, if Blanche Blanche SAS responsibility was incurred, it is expressly agreed that the total amount of compensation or any other amount on Blanche Blanche SAS’s charge, shall not excess the amount of the price paid by the customer.


Article 12 : Force majeure

The execution of the obligations of the seller, within these terms and conditions of sale, is suspended in case of the existence of unforeseeable circumstances or of force majeure. The seller will inform the customer in case of such an event as quickly as possible.


Article 13 : Modification and contrat void

If one of the clauses of this contract was cancelled, this shall not imply the cancellation of the other clauses, which will remain in force between the parties.


Article 14 : Privacy data protection

At his first subscription on, the customer fulfills a form, with mandatory fields (name, first name, post address and email address) as well as optional fields.  The customer certifies the exactness of the data that are communicated to at the day of the order, and that he is authorized to process orders. The customer ensures specifically that his email address works properly, as Blanche Blanche SAS via shall not be liable in case of dysfunction of the email address of the customer (especially in case of mistake in the email address, or email directed to the spams, etc…).

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, all the computer personal data are treated with the strictest confidentiality. The customer has all rights to question, access, modify, oppose and delete on his own data. By agreeing with this terms and conditions of sale, the customer agrees that Blanche Blanche SAS via collects and use his data for the proper execution of the present contract. The full privacy policy is available here.


Article 15 : Applicable law

All clauses standing in these terms and conditions of sale, as well as all mentioned transactions are subjected to French law.

These terms and conditions of sale have been written in French, and only the French version of them shall prevail.  This is an English translation for information only.

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For any request regarding our products or services, you can contact us at : [email protected]