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Cool and easy sewing patterns for beginners

With easy sewing patterns, starting sewing your first hand-made garment is easy. The hardest part is simply to believe this…. But once you have dared to start, you’ll go ask yourself why you have been waiting for so long !!


If this first attempt is a success, well done! You’ll go next to the second one, then the third one… you got it.

If you feel it is a failure because it is not exactly what you had in mind at the start… Well done again! You will have learned something from it, and the second try will be better, and the third one even better!

Just consider these 2 requirements to start with:

  • use a easy to sew fabric (such as cotton popelin – run away from fluid and draped fabrics that will be slippery under your machine, or elastic fabrics such as knit fabrics)
  • choose an “easy” to sew pattern, that you love (hey, you are about to sew yourself something to wear, so make something cool)!

Here are some super easy sewing patterns that can be good options to start with. And they look awesome, aren’t they?

For the most brave of you, here are 2 patterns using knit fabrics, but still simple to sew…

WARNING: Sewing is a highly addictive activity. If you start, you won’t stop. And that is great!

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