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Project your sewing patterns

Did you know that you can project your sewing pattern directly on your fabric, skipping the printing, taping and cutting steps you have to go through otherwise with DPF patterns?

This is really an amazing growing trend, no wonder why : immense time saver (no pattern to print, assemble, tape and cut), paper and ink saver but also space saver (no need to stock all your printed patterns in some messy boxes as your PDF are and stay digital).

Of course, some investment is required to start with : you have to purchase your projector, understand how to use it and then set it up so it works with your sewing space configuration. But then, my dear, you jump straight to fabric cutting….

Pauline, Cut N Sew designer, has just issued an article on this topic (you can find it here – it is in French).

To summarize, she explains :

1 : how to choose your projector (depending on the brightness, definition, wire less or not, distance required for projection, budget, etc…). She explains she has found good quality, brightness and definition projector for less than 100€.

2: how to set it up. Here, the intention is to ensure the projected pattern is at the right scale. In order to do this set up, you just need a grid with given cm/inches squares that you will use to adjust.

3: how to cut your fabric. Well, here you just have to enjoy and simply cut the projected lines on your fabric. You can use a A0 format, or a special projector format when it exists.

Is a special projector format required for this technique?

Not really. It is better, as shows thick lines, same way pieces etc… but not needed. You can use a A0 format that is not designed to be projected. If you face issues, we tell you below how to overcome them. What you need or aim at are :

  • Layered sizes pattern : so you can really have 1 or 2 max lines to follow on your projection.
  • Thick lines: in case your line is light and barely visible on the projection, you can use some free software like Inkscape to make it thicker.
  • Same way patterns pieces : in many cases the pattern pieces in the A0 are not displayed in the same direction. In this case, you can either adjust your projector or the fabric, or more conveniently use Inkscape to dissociate the pieces and put them in the same direction. Finally you can always use the old technique and draw the challenging pieces on a pattern paper, from the projection.

To conclude with: To project or Not to project?

If you are a regular sewist (meaning sewing on a regular basis), that you are not really enjoying the printing/taping/cutting phases (mmm, who is enjoying that, seriously???), that you are zero waste sensitive and that you are not scared of a bit of technology then GO GO GO and PROJECT! And let us know your own experience on the pattern projection below!

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