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Blanche Blanche only offers PDF sewing patterns…

You have noticed (well, normally, if not we have to improve our communication!) that we only offers PDF format sewing patterns. The question is why? Here are key reasons for it:

  • First and foremost PDF format allows us to reach anybody, without any geographical constraints: where-ever you live, be it in France or not, be it in an urban or rural area, you don’t rely on delivery conditions and costs, or on the assortment of the haberdashery close to you. With the PDF format, you have your sewing pattern instantly in your mailbox. As Blanche Blanche wants to represent trendy, and more specifically the “French Chic” sewing designers all over the world, PDF is the perfect format.


  • It looks like the PDF format has a more Blanche (ie white, light) footprint when it comes to sustainability:  no transportation for you, or the pattern, or for the raw materials to build the pattern, no packaging and just one layer of paper per size you need (versus 2 for the paper pattern given you have the pattern and the sheet you trace the pattern on, you follow us?). We are conscious there are some carbon footprints behind the server storage of the PDF, but unfortunately we are not quite clear on that (we don’t know how much incremental heating is due to storage of the PDF pattern vs the paper pattern, which is a digital file as well). Please comment and bring your inputs if you know more on this topic!!


  • PDF is a time-efficient format: only a few minutes elapse between the time you chose your sewing pattern, and the moment you can start the project. The idea here is not to create buying impulse, or shopping fever… but rather to acknowledge that sewing takes time, and we do usually lack time for it. So when a sewing time window is popping up, you don’t want to lose it through delivery waiting. PDF makes it flexible and adaptable to your time schedule.


  • PDF sewing pattern is cheaper than paper. And for sure, you need to print it, but the ink you need for it is not a lot (especially if you just print the pattern and not the instructions, and even more when you can use PDF layered by size, which allow you to print just the size you need); for the paper, no problem to use the other side of used paper so you optimize your waste!


  • Last but not least, another benefit of the PDF format is that you skip the tracing step (which can make PDF very appealing to anybody who hates tracing sewing patterns, rise your hands if you feel it is you!…). It is even more than just avoiding tracing, as the printing paper is usually thicker than the pattern paper, and makes it easier at the fabric cutting phase.


  • Oups, we were about to forget the PDF storage in your hard drive. Take it today, in 2 months or in 5 years, your pattern will not be affected by time passing by!


But, let’s be transparent, PDF is not the answer to all your concerns… here are things you will not have with a PDF sewing pattern:

  • You won’t get the sleek, clean and nicely designed packaging the designer has created for you. As a consequence of that, nothing to store physically your pattern. You will have to get your own storage system, and probably it won’t be as nice as the designer’s one…


  • You won’t have in your hand a pattern ready to (trace) and cut (however, with a PDF in A0 and a copyshop you are not far from that!). You will have to tape and tape and tape…

Each format has its own strengths, neither PDF or paper is perfect. However, PDF format meets better Blanche Blanche’s vision to enable access to quality and trendy sewing patterns to anybody in the world! 


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