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Wide legs trousers : the ultimate selection of sewing patterns!

Wide legs trousers have really become a super trendy basic. We can see them everywhere, with many different cuts : Palazzo, with pleats, straight, etc… So it is time to screen a bit the sewing patterns offering for such a wardrobe piece.

A pretty silhouette with wide legs pants

Wide legs pants can suit any body shape (prefer high waisted pants when your are short or have a A-shape body).

The principle of the wide legs is to bring volume to your silhouette. So in general we will avoid to combine them with a voluminous top but rather with a fitting top. It wan also work by stacking you top in your pants and adding a pretty belt, or combining your wide legs pants with an oversized crop top that will show off your waist.

Wide-legs pants : the stylish and versatile basic for your wardrobe!

Style wise, this type of pants is incredible : high waisted with pleats they are going to be very chic, while combined with platform sneakers they are going to turn trendy. In winter you can sew them in corduroy, twill, wool fabrics or even leather, and in summer go for light fabrics such as linnen or tencel.

Comfort and space

One of the main reason we love this cut is that it brings space and comfort… So when on top of that, the waist is elasticated, we can even wonder if we are wearing anything…

Are you convinced by the wide legs pants? Here we go with our sewing patterns selection so you can make yourself wide legs trousers!

Our sewing patterns selection for wide legs pants / trousers

Of course, if you are deeply into wide legs, have a look into our Culottes selection here …!!

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