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On Blanche Blanche you can pay with the following bank credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB (US), Discover (US) and Diners Club (US).

Please, note that currency on Blanche Blanche is Euro.

The bank credit card payment is outsourced to the Stripe Company. Entering the payment card number, its expiry date and its cryptogram is done on a highly secured page directly on Stripe. Blanche Blanche SAS, via its website does not collect and store any bank card number. Payment management at Stripe is certified to be compliant with standards PCI/DSS by Visa and Mastercard. This certification spells out the correct application of high-safety rules, in order to protect the bank cards data of the customers. The debit from the customer card bank account will be made in Euros, when Stripe accepts the payment. As soon as the payment is accepted, the product is available within 48H (but most of the cases right away) to download.