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Maxi-Dress & Skirt sewing patterns

When it comes to summer trend, the “maxi” one is a hit! In this article, we have selected the coolest sewing patterns for a maxi dress or skirt.

It is pretty and feminine, comfy with its loose fit, it lets the breeze going through your legs without to show them off, and thanks to its length, it is “underwear sight” proof.  Cherry on the cacke, it is most of the time an easy sewing project!

Fabrics : maxi-dress can be sewn in a plain color, floral fabric, stripes, etc… it is just up to you, but the maxi length will magnify your fabric for sure! When it comes to the fabric type, go for drape and fluidity (tencel, viscose or double-gauze), but run away from straight fabrics!

So, here is the sewing patterns review for Maxi-dresses & skirts!

With straps :

Anastasia : sober and classic with its bandeau

Eowyn : faux wrap on the front, open on the back, and a long slit in the skirt, it is glamourous…

19th of January :gathered skirt with an apron top, it is so retro!

Alesia is back less, romantic like hell.

Strand for a top but also a nice maxi dress

Wrap dresses :

Eowyn is there too!

Alix : wrap top and a-shape skirt, Alix is the diva!

Vienna : full wrap dress with a straight cut, Vienna is dynamic

Bottom up buttons:

Stella : with its raglan sleeves shirt top and its gathered skirt, so trendy!

Pola : with its elasticated waist, empire type top Pola is so cool…

Jolène : with gathered princess seams on the top, and gathered skirt, Jolène is playing on all sides

Reeta : Its tailor collar and slits make Reeta so boho-chic

Amina : tailor collar, fitted waist and butonned up dress

Last but not least …

Axelle : an open crossed back and a long straight skirt, Axelle is top notch

Taylor  : with an elasticated waist, and a V-neckline, “Less is more” for Taylor…

Jazz in a dress version… well almost everything is possible as this pattern offers 81 variations!

Kielo, tied dress with multiple options that we are crazy of!

Mira is a perfect maxi summer dress if you add one ruffle layer to the pattern 😉

Sienna is simple yet so elegant.

And here are some awesome maxi-skirts :

Dixie : bottom up butonned and gathered

Arlette : wrap and ruffles everywhere …

Le 406 : asymetric and ruffles skirt

Sabine : A-shaped pannels skirt with buttons

Sixitne : bring a bit more length for a stunning ruffle maxi dresse.

Lottie & Kate : 2 skirt patterns in one… Lottie fitting very well the maxi style

Let’s now point out that it is pretty easy to add up some length to any skirt or top sewing pattern to hack it in a maxi-version. Just be careful not to prolong the sides line straight to avoid too much volume on the bottom.

Enjoy your next maxi-sewing project!!

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