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Raglan sleeves : 10+ sewing patterns

What is a Raglan sleeve?

Before to talk raglan sleeves sewing patterns, let’s talk Raglan. The Raglan sleeve is sewn from the collar straight to the armpit, in a diagonal line. Here it is:

@ photo : Stiff Collar

Why are we so much in love with it….

Because it is easy to put on : this was supposedly the primary objective of it. Raglan sleeve was invented by Lord Raglan, a British officer who lost his arm, during the Waterloo battle, and was thus looking for an easy way to put on his jacket… However, another version says that Lord Raglan dressed his soldiers with potatoes bags when running out of clothes, sewing new sleeves with them…

Because it is comfortable to wear : the raglan sleeve feature more “space” and ease than the classical sleeve.

Because it is stylish : raglan sleeves are everywhere in sportswear thanks to their great comfort, but they are as well a very nice way to sew delicate details on a more formal piece of clothe…

Is it easy to sew?

Definitely yes!!! Raglan sleeves are in general easier than classical sleeves to sew, given there is no ease or pleats to manage… it is a straight seam!

Now you know everything about raglan sleeves, let’s go to the sewing patterns selection…

  1. Sweaters

The Isa sweater (or sweater dress) by Bel’Etoile features V-color block that is so trendy. This pattern is for teens and women, but is also available for girls.

Les Patronnes have designed the Niki sweater, merging brilliantly raglan sleeves and a Peter Pan collar.

2. Jackets

Raglan sleeve is just perfect for jackets and coats, bringing them some ease and comfort. We can suggest Nine short coat by Coralie Bijasson, and the Joseph jacket by Ready To Sew.

3. The chic raglan sleeve, in blouse and dress…

The Eleonor tunic by Coralie Bijasson  plays with contrasts and piping on its raglan sleeves, it is simple yet great! Estelle is a boho blouse that will be perfectly conmfy and stylish!

The dress or shirt Stella by Named is one of the few shirt sewing patterns with raglan sleeves. With the pussy bow collar it is really awesome!

By Named, you can choose also the Ansa top or dress, with its beautiful flare butterfly raglan sleeves.

We do love the top or dress Jude by Ready To Sew : its gathered raglan sleeves are very stylish!

Last but not least, the pleated shoulders and raglan style sleeves of the Origami blouse or dress by You Made My Day (available also for girls) is the pinnacle of the raglan chic, don’t you think?

So, are you ready to raglan?? 🙂

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