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Almost “fingers in the nose” sewings for coats…

If you are afraid to sew you first coat, this article is for you! Just sit down, relax, it’s gonna be Okay!

Sew one’s coat is really rewarding and makes it possible for you to chose the shape, the cut, fo fix potential adjustments and of course to select your favorite warm fabric! This is barely the same when you go to ready-to-wear coats… Last but not least, when you sew, you spend a great moment, don’t you?

So, let’s start by the choice of Fabric: depending on where you live, you can find beautiful and warm fabrics, on the web and in store. The hardest here, is to make you choice…

When it comes to coat sewing patterns, here is a quick tour on what we have in store for you. Most of the selection requires an intermediate level, which means that if it is one of your first sewing project, it might be a bit too ambitious, but if you have sewn already some clothes, and that you swear to follow carefully the instructions, then go!

A sewing pattern for a cape coat

On trend and elegant, the cape coat should be mandatory in any winter wardrobe… This one is really not too difficult to make. On top, Les Patronnes have very detailed instructions and tutorial videos to help you through the process (in French).

Sewing patterns for shawl type collar coats

Nadia, Marte, Surtout … 3 coats you will love to slip into… Long so you can keep warm, and with a large collar you can lift up when needed…

Sewing patterns for A-shape coats

Feminine shape that fits very well with a shirt. Ingvold is reversible, so you can wear it on both sides!

Sewing patterns for blouson/ teddy coats

Teddy jackets are back on trend!! Not so difficult to sew, the Clea jacket is fully lined and classified as easy!

Sewing patterns for Men coats!!!

That’s it for our easy/intermediate level selection to sew your first coat.

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