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Culottes sewing patterns!

I don’t know about you, but I am currently completely in awe for culottes sewing patterns… I just love their boho-relaxed-chic style, the comfort of them but also the easiness it is to sew them!

In case you think culottes don’t fit your body shape, just go for the 7/8 length in order to avoid the “chubby” effect, while taking wide legs with a fluid fabric. It will be like a long skirt skimming your skin, but in pants!

Anyway, I just gave myself a treat by writing this culottes selection article… First, we’ll see the proper culottes sewing patterns, and then the wide legs trousers patterns, that you just need to trim a bit to get your culottes.

Culottes sewing patterns

Patron couture sewing pattern Joanne Ready To sew

Joanne by Ready To Sew : basic with a twist in the rounded yoke on the front, and the option for the waist (simple or paper bag style). Also available in shorts.

patron de coutue jupe culotte désinvolte popeline & linon

La Désinvolte by Popeline & Linon : wide legs, bold tie with the removable belt, V-cut detail on the waistband, these culottes are the ultimate sassy ones!

Parasol by Ensemble : amongst the multiple versions (jumpsuit, trousers, shorts) you have the culottes ! It is slightly straighter than the previous 2, with the seam on the front (no sides seams). Parasol has several options for the waist (with a belt or a fly), and the option of adding large slanted pockets.

Now, here are some pants sewing patterns you just need to shorten a bit to get culottes

3002 dessin jupe culotteLe 3002 by DP Studio : this pattern is providing pants and shorts versions, but as legs are super wide, they make nice culottes as well. What we particularly like with le 3002, is the paper bag waist.

Tucson by Kit by Klo (in French) : Tucson has deep pleats in the front, and in a 7/8 length, and as such would make beautiful culottes….

… you love culottes AND jumpsuits? No problem at all!

 Here again I suggest Parasol by Ensemble, as the jumpsuit culottes version is one of the possibilities of this amazing sewing patter!

patron couture sewing pattern jazz jupe culotte

Jazz by Ready To Sew : culottes jumpsuit, with beautiful ample sleeves (or no sleeves) and a V neckline. Jazz is a must-have…

For our girls, we have culottes too! 

Well, let’s conclude by mentioning that Spring is the perfect season for wearing culottes…

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  1. Thanks Juliette. Would love to see some culottes. As I’m a beginner, could you recommend which pattern is easiest please.