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Coralie Bijasson

patrons couture Coralie Bijasson

Coralie Bijasson is a well established sewing pattern designer in France, living in Paris. After a career as a marketing manager in a French Fashion company (Etam group), she decided to go back to school, and attended the “Académie Nationale de la coupe de Paris”.

The logical next step was to not only write many books related to sewing (in French) but also to create her own sewing pattern brand: “C’est Moi le Patron”. OK, it can sound complicated if you don’t speak French, so let me try to explain this play on words. In French the word for sewing pattern is “patron” and the word for boss is “patron”, you got it? in French “C’est Moi le Patron” means actually “I am the sewing pattern” but also “I am the boss”. You were not expecting learning some French here, were you?

Back to our business, Coralie Bijasson “C’est Moi le Patron” is a range of timeless, modern, comfortable and chic sewing patterns. And you want a good news? This range is quite big, so you will for sure find something great for you!