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A sportswear sewing patterns selection

Handmade sportswear gives you better fitting clothes for sport. Plus, you can bring your own taste or touch of fashion to it. And of course, it is a more conscious way to fashion, even sport fashion…

Before all, I just want to say that allsewing patterns here are not necessarily designed specifically  for sport. You can find some specialized sport sewing patterns brands (like Jalie Canada based). But these sewing patterns are the perfect basis to use for a sport, as such or with some adaptations.  

Let’s talk about “sport” fabric

Fabrics to consider when it comes to sportswear: knit fabrics of course!, fleece, sweater fabrics (french terry), lycra, mesh, microfibre, etc… To do the right choice, you have to identify your specific needs: comfort and softness (micro-fibres), heat (fleece), breathing fabric (mesh), waterproof, fast drying (Lycra), etc… A very important point to keep in mind is the stretch you need. Depending on your sport, you might need something loose (cotton knit fabric) or something to hold you tight (lycra).

Be comfy is the key, so when you sew, try as much as you can to have soft finishes: flat or french stitches because you definitively don’t want the itching friction on your skin!

Now, off to our selection of sewing patterns fitting for sport..

First, pants and shorts 

We can find Robinson (Ensemble) which includes a version of the pattern for knit fabrics, as well as many options from which some are very much adapted to sport. Then we have  Alexandria (Named), and more specifically the shorts version that are perfect for ball sports. Of course we have the Parsec leggings (Charlotte Kan), to sew as it is or as shortened to make cyclist shorts.

Sport compatible T-Shirts.

Jeanne (Ready To Sew) and the Pocket-T (Charlotte Kan) are both basic and semi-fitting Tees. Then we have the Inari Tee (Named), with its cropped cut, great for fitness or dance!

For loose fit T-shirts, our selection goes to the Lauren Top (FibreMood), the Astair Tee (French Navy) and the Greco Tee (Ensemble).

For more specific needs you have the Paola turtle neck Tee (Named) fitting well for an outdoor session such as skiing le ski, or the top version of Elskan (Charlotte kan) with its loose and batwings cut great for dance or fitness style.


The loose fit sweatshirt Sunday Everyday (with several length from crop to tunic, and some other nice options). For a long hoodie, we can suggest Hazel (FiberMood) and for the color block lovers just enjoy Isa (Bel’Etoile)!

Ready, Steady, Go for sewing!!

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