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A different business….

I can’t believe I am writing for Blanche Blanche…. This PDF patterns e-shop was just a small idea in my head a few months ago. In an instant I decided to make it grow, and that took a loooong time to put in place: time for thinking about it, growing the idea, discovering great designers and then get it started! It was not much different to the process you go through when you decide to make your dream dress.


Decide to set up a business, and to listen more to my inner self

I am a lover of all things pretty, with a very rational head on my shoulders. Up until now, my rational side was steering the boat: I did management studies, then had an exciting carrier in a multi-national company, where I was able to do various jobs and move countries on a regular basis. This allowed me to fulfill my need for new things, skills, places, people…

But how to deal with a mass consumption oriented career, when my inner self shouts at me our planet is a beautiful place we have to preserve? …mass retail is not the model, right?

How to let loose your creativity and freedom when ads and social cultures dictate what you should think, wear and buy? How to be yourself when you are told what is pretty and what is not?

As time passed by, I learned to accept these contradictions inside myself. Getting older, I realized I should not be scared of trying something new – otherwise when are you really ready? (never!). All of these combined with a good friend, gently poking at me to bring my ideas to life, then you’ve got it: tadam…. Blanche Blanche is born!


Why a PDF patterns e-shop?

Being a sewing addict myself, I truly believe in this format: it is quick, savvy and quite “clean” for our planet (PDF patterns article to come soon! the topic deserves it).

When I started sewing, I browsed day after day on various patterns designers websites. On one hand, I was amazed by what I found (super trendy patterns, that make you forget about the fashion brands, seriously!) but on the other hand I was left puzzled by the multitude of websites to visit (actually one by designer!) in order to get a good idea of what is available on the patterns market.

I was lucky enough to have free time at that period of my life, so I spent hours on end browsing every designers websites. But thinking of most women, who are running the whole day, and sit at their sewing machine only at night, when kids are in bed, or in between other activities (lunch time, after work and before going out, etc…), I thought … Putting all the best PDF patterns in one place makes sense!

I’m working hard to gather on Blanche Blanche a trendy and unique combination of pattern designers. Being French, I am quite focused on french designers, because I do really love them! but some others will join the party soon, so stay tuned!

I hope you will have a nice PDF patterns shopping experience on Blanche Blanche, so you can sew even more and better!

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