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5 back-to-work trends we love!

September is there! This it the time of the year when you think “new start”. Can be the case for your closet as well! Do you feel you want to add new pieces to your wardrobe or build on what you have with a fess additions? Well, of course the objective is to think about what you really need, in order to avoid the fast sewing syndrom which leads your production to the same waste than fast fashion…

Anyway, in case you are looking or in need for some new pieces, and want to get inspired, we have identified 5 trends we think are super stylish, and that are perfect for the back-to-office times!


The Tie Collar

In the front or in the back…


Some pleats please!

Pleats are everywhere nowadays. They bring the sophisticated touch with elegance. You will need precision and patience, but pleats are not difficult, no worries!


Jumpsuit for now and ever!

Jumpsuit has been invading us, and for the good as we love its comfort and style! Here are some jumpsuit sewing patterns that are a good fit for September.


Loose fit pants

Comfy yet chic, the perfect partner for an effortless trendy look!


Ruffles here and there

Ruffles have been around for a while, and are still there. You’ll find them in skirts, dresses, tops and actually you can add them quite easily to many sewing patterns.


What are the current trends you like now? Please share we would love to know!

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