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13 sewing patterns for mother-daughter duo outfits!

A mother-daughter outfit can be chic, can be funny, can be cute, can be a ritual… but it definitely is an option or an experience that sewing offers to us, and that can bring a lot of fun. In order to spare you the endless search on the internet, we gathered here our sewing patterns selection that offer both a woman and a girl version. No Father-Son duo yet….

Let’s start with You Made My Day patterns who offer 5 duos for blouses, dresses and jumpsuits…. all with feminine and new to the eye details…

The Forget Me Not dress by Slow Sunday Paris is an adorable sewing pattern that can be done for either women or girls as both patterns are proposed:

The Iris pattern, from Slow Sunday Paris as well, is a top or a jacket for women and a top or dress for girls.

Ready To Sew has recently released kids version of some of its famous woman sewing patterns. Pleat, Pio and Patsy can now be sewn for adult and kids!

The color-block hit pattern is Isa by Bel’Etoile, a sweatshirt or a dress …

Vita is a sewing pattern with incredible sleeves and a boho style, that can be a dress for girls:

Issie by Sewpony is a knit-fabric sewing pattern for a very large panel of options… sweatshirt, top, dress…

Maybelle by Iris May allows you to sew a shirt, and a dress shirt with many options, for women and girls:

Melilot offers us the possibility to match on dungaress as well!!! Bonus : Britt dungarees are doable by beginners, as it is an easy one !

Here it is for now…. Are you up for a mini-me sewing project?

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