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Sewing patterns with puff sleeves

To follow on our first sleeves blog post on raglan sleeves (available here), let’s highlight now sewing patterns with puff sleeves.  Our puff sleeves selection aims at showing you all sewing patterns with gathered sleeves at the top as shown here. We love this feminine detail, it suits almost body shapes and is very trendy…

patron couture manches ballons
Crédit photo @Teresa Gilewska Eyrolles

To realize this puff sleeves, the most common technique is to sew 2 rows gathering stitches at the top of the sleeve between the marks you have on your pattern, then to gather them and finally to sew them to the bodice. The puff effect will fall into place like magic thanks to the gathering and the pattern design. It might look difficult and impressive but it is not. The only challenge is to have both sleeves identical!

And finally, rest assure the patterns selected on Blanche Blanche very detailed and will explain step by step how to make your own puff sleeves garment.

Here are our favorite tops & blouses puff sleeves patterns :

Here are patterns that include both blouse and dress version with puff sleeves :

Here are some jacket puff sleeves patterns :

If you want more puff sleeves sewing patterns proposal, go to the French page of this post and you can see French sewing patterns (only in French langage). We hope you enjoyed this selection. You can share with us your comments on puff sleeves 🙂

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