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10 must-haves sewing patterns

Some patterns are like Heroes of your handmade wardrobe, key pilars of your sewing besties, close friends that come back season after season, timeless.

They all have the same positive criterias :

  • their cut is just right and can fit your body shape and many body shapes very well, while being comfortbale
  • the making process is simple, easy and instructions are crystal clear
  • they are simple and thus are the perfect basis for different options and variations, depending on trends and seasons – simple and timeless
  • they sometimes include options or leave it to you to be creative, but they are the source for different outfits in your handmade wardorbe.

So, we’ve run a survey around us to identify such must-haves sewing patterns, and here they are (not sorted by preference)…

Let’s start first with 2 patterns that offer so many options and views that you could sew a lot of outfits already only with these 2:

Jazz by Ready To Sew offers you not less than 82 possible garments, from a culottes-jumpsuit to a backless dress through a wrap top…

The Segur pattern by Cozy Little World is a cami basis for a top or a dress. It includes many, many, many details (little buttons, ruffles, peplum style, etc…). A true golden nugget!!

Then, let’s have a look into the best basics: less options but amazing cuts that proved their success accross the sewing community!

The Matisse top by Les Patronnes is as simple as it is easy to sew. It is a great basis for diverse tops, simple or colorful, in which you feel great.

The Dorothie shirt by Slow Sunday is the first shirt pattern you need to have. Why? First, because it is not scary given the collar is simply flat, so it is an easy to sew beautiful shirt. Then, because it is so stylish with its front and back yokes and the gathering on the front. And finally because details are really well thought and that you can sew different sort of sleeves on it. A great basis, we told you!

The Eleonore raglan top by is so simple. It allows you to have a lot of fun with details: fabrics, piping insert, color blocks, etc… You can sew it in all types of fabrics, from knit to lace, so you can do all sort of things from a Tshirt to a chic blouse.

Talking about raglan sleeves (that we do love, for more raglan sleeves it is here) , this sweatshirt pattern is the pattern we would choose if we had to keep just one. Raglan sleeves bring the style and the comfort. and the V shapes bring the magic : color block like crazy or not at all if you prefer to keep it simple. It’s up to you!

Let’s now talk about the Crocus shirt by Lysimaque. this shirt has simple and powerful lines and can be made in all lengths, mini to maxi. It has darts to follow the waist line, and the buttoned closure in the front exposes more or less of your legs. You can make it in any fabric.

When it comes to dresses, it is impossible to focus on one patter. It all depends on what you are looking for : shirt, wrapped, straight, etc… The Jazz and Segur sewing patterns we mentioned previously are great patterns fro dresses. But we wanted to mention also Mira by Fibremood. It is a basic that you can sew in different lenghts and styles.

Calyer is one of our favorite patterns. With no-zip, so these pants are easy to sew – but wait a minute, easy but stylish with the front side sticht line and the option with the pleats… Depending on your fabric, light, medium, heavy, plain color or with patterns you can sew the comfy summer pants as well as the chic office style pants, even sweat pants is possible with Calyer!

Here are another pair of pants pattern. Persephone by Anna Allen, in case you dont know it yet, are some culotte style large pants. There is no side seams which make it very comfrotable and easier to sew. Instructions are super clear and many body fit adaptation are included.

To conclude, we hope we helped you identify some best patterns so you can sew and sew again many different outfits from them. Your handmade wardrobe will thank you 😉

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